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You don't have to do it ALL (by YOURSELF)

Let me start by saying I am no expert on motherhood, parenting skills, child development, etc. I am only here to document my journey as a new mom and share my personal experiences with you.
I have a new found respect for working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, divorced moms, mompreneurs, pregnant moms, grandmoms, grieving moms, fit moms, moms with multiple kids, and especially moms with toddlers!!!!!.....and if you are multiple from that the real MVP.
I’ve come to realize what all these moms have in common is their selflessness, compassion, patience, dedication, will power, strength, tenacity, and balance.
I am a single mom (although co-parenting) of a 2 year old (and Yes Terrible Twos is a real thing that I’m learning the hard way) who just started my own business while working as a Retail Manager 35-40 hours a week meanwhile dealing (not dealing) with the loss of my grandmother. Needless to say no matter how strong I may be, how much I plan and organize to keep balance, or how dedicated I am to late nights and early mornings; I am able to do it all because of my support system.
I’ve learned that it is ok to ask for help. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to do it ALL (or by yourself). You’ll get so much further if you have people pushing (or pulling) you and so much higher when you have people lifting you up. Asking for or accepting help does not make you less than (I REPEAT it does not make you less than!!) In fact, it makes you stronger for putting your pride aside for the benefit of your child.
There are so many people to thank that has been there for me throughout this entire process and this launch would not have been possible without them.
I want to thank my sister Patrice who after starting her own business really gave me the last push I needed to stop talking and start doing. She has been there from the beginning and every step of the way.
My friend Patrice and now social media manager who runs our Instagram page. She’s definitely been the one to keep me positive and remind me to “Keep calm and carry on.”
My friend Samantha and official photographer who is responsible for helping bring my vision to life with all the amazing images you’ll see on our website and social media pages.
And Last but certainly not least my Mom for spending EXTRA quality time with Leilani to allow me to balance being a mompreneur.
Thank you to everyone that has helped me turn my dreams into reality!!!

Sincerely Yours

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